Monday, September 23, 2013

Click2resume - Click And Get The Best Of Linkedin Profile Writing

Few professionals today remain unaware of the site called LinkedIn. If you are a jobseeker, there is a high probability that you are already a member of this site. With more than 220 million and growing user base, LinkedIn has become the networking point for jobseekers, businesses, employers, recruiters, and people related to the industry.

Unfortunately, most jobseekers remain unaware of the importance of this site. They fritter away their chance of finding the right jobs because they do not leverage the benefits offered by LinkedIn. If you are fretting over the quality of your social media profile, give a chance to an expert well versed in Linkedin profile writing.

Think about it. How often do you update your LinkedIn profile? Do you offer insightful information, or post random news that has no relevance to your job search? Are you creating a profile that impresses recruiters? Or are you on LinkedIn merely because somebody invited you and you could not refuse their offer to connect online?

While this is a great place to connect with school friends, you cannot afford to be too casual about your posts, status updates, and news feed on this site. Your goal is to connect with prospective employers, so you have to be careful about what goes on the site. To avoid risk of being considered offensive, inept, or unreliable by employers, let an expert handle Linkedin profile writing.

Linkedin profile writing is meant to help you shine, virtually. Through high quality Linkedin profile writing, you can generate a buzz in the online world. People who go through your profile will feel that you are a worthy candidate to fill job vacancies. At the very least, Linkedin profile writing will ensure that you manage to create a good impression on the minds of employers. Even if they may not have an existing job vacancy, they will keep you in mind and get back to you when they need to fill a vacancy quickly. Through, you receive a high quality Linkedin profile writing service, designed to make your profile stand out and call the attention of employers.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Follow A Proper Resume Format To Stay Ahead In The Job Race

The falling economic graph has resulted in dwindling job opportunities. A job seeker has to come up with a resume that lists out their achievements and accomplishments in most flattering manner and does a good job of convincing the potential employer that the candidate can carry out the job in most efficient and effective way. The attention span of a recruiter is very short and the resume has to have the ability of leaving an indelible mark on the reader’s mind. A candidate has to follow a proper resume format to make the resume visually pleasing and easy to read and understand.

The first and foremost rule of a good resume is that it should contain enough white space. A crowded resume is in no way going to differentiate you from the crowd and there is every chance it would be thrown into the rejected pile after just a cursory glance.
Follow A Proper Resume Format

A golden rule a proper resume format calls for is that job titles should be in bold, even underlined, to draw attention to itself. Keep important information on the top to entice the reader to read further. Short paragraphs are preferred almost invariably by all recruiters and a paragraph under no circumstances should exceed six sentences.

Another thing to be very careful is about the length of the resume. A several pages long profile is waste of paper and time. Length may not be issue with a fresher but a person with more than two years of experience should be careful and make sure that their resume does not look like the Sunday edition of a national daily.

A job seeker who follows a proper resume format has more chances of going on to the next stage since it can make a candidate stand out from the crowd by giving an impression of a hard working person who pays attention to details.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Redesign Your Future With A Quick Resume Analysis

Click2ResumeIs your resume compelling? Does it have a clean and legible format? And above all, will it communicate to the hiring manager your worth and value? Why not get a resume analysis done from one of the premium resume writing service providers to know if your CV (Curriculum Vitae) passes muster?

A specialized resume writing company usually has a team of handpicked writers with an extensive knowledge of writing, editing, evaluating, and analyzing resumes to help candidates reinforce their stand and land that dream job. A resume writing agency makes sure that your resume sells like hot cake.

Resume Analysis is important to understand how your resume is currently being judged. After analyzing where the resume stands, it is the job of the writing agency to help a candidate present himself to the best of his abilities, with a sharp edge over others. In the competitive job market, a person should never lose hope.

An in-depth, detailed analysis can transform a resume from ordinary to extraordinary. You might be fitting into the profile perfectly well but what if it goes to the trash at the first glance?

Few simple rules could do the trick here:
  • It is important to have a well formatted resume. Erase stray double spaces and avoid funky fonts.
  • It is a good practice to customize your resume for each company you have applied for.
  • Never try to be deceptive. Employers know it all- they have been there, done it.
  • Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes could land you in trouble.
  • Employers don't care about personal details beyond the candidate's name, city, and contact number. Including irrelevant details like marital status and hobbies is not required.
If unsure about the performance of the service provider then you can request a complimentary resume analysis and read some of their testimonials. Customers’ resumes are generally not outsourced and confidentiality is maintained. If you have already started your search, take a quick look at the Click2resume website first.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Exciting Career Opportunities Open Up Quickly with Click2Resume

Is Click2Resume a ripoff? There are some blogs and articles online which suggest that Click2Resume is a shady site but these are rumours spread by vested interests. The fact remains that Click2Resume is one of the best resume writing firms online and provide specialized resume writing services to over 40 different industries.

They have a team of the best resume writing professionals with unmatched skills and experience to create resumes that demands immediate attention of recruiters, hiring managers and employers. The reports that Click2Resume is a scam simply do not hold water.

Ripoff Rumors Simply Don’t Sell

Competitors cherish floating Click2Resume ripoff rumours because they would like to see the popularity of the portal plummeting but that seems very unlikely. The leading resume writing services have gained the trust and the confidence of their clients and supporters through years of commitment to delivering resumes that are designed to help candidates make an impact on their potential employers.

Click2Resume helps you build your own resume quickly and without any effort using the incredibly effective Resume Builder. It is a simple and user friendly device where you can feed the relevant details and build your resume instantly. There are hundreds of candidates who have created successful resumes on their own and got the jobs they always wanted. They were successful because they refused to believe the Click2Resume scam rumours.

There are reports on the internet about Click2Resume ripoff but there are no takers for such unsubstantiated and unconfirmed rumours because Click2Resume services have impacted candidates and their job prospects in more ways than one. Apart from the Resume Builder, they also offer many interesting plans and packages such as the Perfect Combo, Cover Letter and Social Media Profiling.

The Perfect Combo is the best way to ensure that your career document opens up a wider array of alternatives by staying abreast of the present trends and crafting a resume that fits your needs and achievements. After subscribing to the service, candidates will receive job alerts for the categories they have registered for. They will also receive emails whenever new job openings are posted in their category. The Perfect Combo provides you the advantage of two services in one single pack.

Don’t believe the Click2Resume ripoff rumours if you are looking for a great resume to back your efforts to land that perfect job. The portal continues to find favour with candidates because they know Click2Resume is the gateway to exciting careers.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Click2resume Reviews Show That The Profiles Of This Agency Are The Best

Majority of the researches have revealed that recruiters usually do not spend more than 10-seconds glancing through a C.V. Majority of resumes are consigned to the dustbin with nothing more than a quick glance. A small number of resumes take a candidate to the interview room. Click2resume reviews show that this agency’s resumes are custom-made to break the 10-second barrier. Top resume writing professionals of this agency make sincere efforts to ensure that a profile catches a reader’s attention within this short period.

It is a great challenge to make the most of the window of opportunity to grab a recruiter’s attention before the window slams shut. Click2resume review reveal that solid resumes prepared by this firm help you stand out among thousands of other hopefuls. Exceptional resumes of this organization can help you have a fruitful application at an affordable cost. Click2resume pays detailed attention to following aspects of resume writing to come up with bullet –proof resumes. They are:

Go through your Resume with a fine comb for any possible Error(s)

The importance of proofreading your resume cannot be overemphasised. Even a slight mistake can damage your prospects beyond repair. Click2resume reviews will show that CVs prepared by this agency, are proofread on an average, at least thrice to detect any grammatical or spelling errors. Close attention to details is the key here and you have to ensure that you are free of any distractions while proofreading your resume.

Back up your Achievements with Effective Proof

Making tall claims without any underlying proof will not allow you to make much headway. Vague terms like ‘proven achiever’ or ‘team player’ will not lend weight to your resume. You have to back up your achievements and claims with quantifiable numbers. How your attention to detail and unbridled enthusiasm saved the organization ‘X’ amount of money is more likely to draw attention than unsubstantiated claims like ‘well organized and detail oriented’. A review of resumes prepared by Click2resume will show that the firm takes extra care to explain the benefits of a candidate’s skills.

Click2resume reviews reveal that this organization understands and makes utmost effort to prepare customised profiles for each job application. Lesser known firms create a standard resume and send it to all the job openings they can find. Each organization or job openings has its own set of unique requirements and needs. Sending a common profile to different organization is never ever going to get you an interview.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013’s Resume Writing is about Understanding the Selection Criteria

Every job application must be written keeping in mind the selection criteria specified by the employer. Even before you apply for a job you must go through the selection criteria carefully to assess your suitability as a candidate. The selection criteria do not merely refer to the ones mentioned in the job advertisement. You also have to think about the additional traits that the employer would like in a prospective employee.

If there is an opening for a secretary in a pharmaceutical company for example, think about what kind of traits the employee should ideally possess. Apart from having the right degree or certificate, the best candidate might be one who has good communication skills and is willing to travel on outstation assignments. If hiring a secretary for work at a foreign location, the employer might feel that someone with knowledge of the local culture and language is an asset.

Many job seekers, particularly those who are new to the process of applying for jobs, do not understand these nuances. They feel that if they do not have all the qualifications mentioned in the advertisement, they are not likely to get the job. This is not strictly true. While employers would love to have someone who possesses all the traits mentioned in the selection criteria, they are aware that finding such a candidate might be difficult or downright impossible. That is why they will shortlist a few of the best candidates and select one based on who fulfills the selection criteria the most closely. If in the process, they feel that a particular candidate does not have a particular traits mentioned in the job description but has other skills that the job requires, he or she will be called for an interview.

In order to convince the employer to call you for an interview, you must therefore carefully make a list of the necessary job skills and the optional or desirable traits of the employee. Many job seekers are unable to identify these two types of selection criteria. Even if they do pinpoint the selection criteria properly, they often fail to explain to employers how they fit the criteria.

Using your resume and application letters to drive home the point that you are indeed a suitable candidate seems like the difficult task. That is why job seekers request to create the perfect resume. is a scam free resume writing service that offers help in the initial stages of the process of acquiring a job, such as looking for new jobs, applying to new jobs writing cover letters and so on. You can never lose when you use this service to have your resume written professionally and there have never been any complaints from users of this service.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Click2Resume Job Consultants – Reliable Staffing Solutions for Employers

Mismatch between candidates selection and job profiles often leads employers to wonder if there’s a shortage of talent locally, nationally, or internationally. Our experience however tells us that talent does exist but you need to search for it using the right methods. That is what sets apart from other job consultants. We have a wide talent pool available at our fingertips. The moment there’s a vacancy, we can look for the right candidate and help the employer fill that vacancy quickly.

While regular job consultants may rely on online searches to look for the right candidates, we at have actually built up our network consisting of employers and job seekers. We owe our success to the large pool of talent that we have already created. This makes it easier for us to find the right candidates to fill job openings. This readymade talent pool also enables us to find candidates quickly because many job openings need to be filled fast.

How do we access such a large number of suitable job seekers when other recruitment services might be struggling to find just one suitable candidate for a job? The answer lies in the way we target job seekers. We do not merely rely on active online profiles to find job seekers. We know that many people who are talented and skilled, are currently not looking for a new job but we feel that they are skilled resources. Given the human need for improvement, it is just a matter of time before even the most content employees move to something that helps them move up the career ladder.

Our goal is to ensure that employers are not left in the lurch should there be an opening in their organization. Many job openings take weeks perhaps even a few months to fill. This can be a hard time for employers because they are short staffed. To make the hiring process fast and reduce loss of productivity, we rely on the network of job seekers we have built up over the years. What is more, this network is part of a larger network of recruiters, HR consultants, and other people within the industry. The macro and micro level networking boosts interaction across various groups, and helps employers and job seekers find each other.

Apart from acting as job consultants to help employers find the right talent, also helps job seekers find the best job openings. To that end, we write resumes and cover letters, and create social media profiles designed to shine the spotlight on you.

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